Become part of this generation’s most exciting technological development in the delivery of medical care: telemedicine. Be at the forefront of the next logical step in nursing, as technology accelerates change in every aspect of our modern society.

Telemecine is so much more than bridging distance and time through video links. It represents an evolving approach in meeting the needs of an increasingly fragmented, transactional and isolated society. By providing access to primary healthcare in neighbourhood locations (most often embedded in pharmacies) MedviewMD seeks to enhance quality of life and enable self-management of healthcare, which contributes to preventative behaviour.

While MedviewMD’s ‘Medical Studio’ represents both innovative and adaptive telemedicine technology, without input from both Nursing Assistants and Registered Practicing Nurses its full potential cannot be realized. As such, MedviewMD is looking for team members with strong interpersonal skills to help guide patients through the process and to interact with doctors. MedviewMD recognizes the human dimension always takes precedence and is seeking outgoing and personable NAs and RPNs, people with a spark for life.

MedviewMD offers a competitive salary package, training and support, and a flexible and independent lifestyle.

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