Telemedicine offers an interesting and engaging future for those able to recognize its full potential. Telemedicine is at the intersection of medical and technological advancement and is growing at an accelerated rate--with implications for our entire society. But, it most directly impacts the medical profession--offering a solution to a myriad of healthcare challenges and concerns.

A rising number of patients can have immediate access a decreasing supply of clinicians. Timely access to specialists leads to cost savings at both the front and backend. Telemedicine contributes to healthcare efficiencies, such as reducing emergency ward visits. Furthermore--and most interesting--outcomes are improved when patients demonstrate better self-management of their health because telemedicine contributes to a culture of greater patient engagement.

Professionally, telemedicine offers doctors the opportunity to improve access to healthcare for patients--when and where it's most needed, to be more efficient by concentrating on patient consults rather than the inevitable paper trail that is part and parcel of running a practice, and the prospect of working with the best-in-class medical technology within the primary healthcare sphere.

On a personal level, telemedicine means reduced travel and communting, increased flexibility and an overall improvement in quality of life.


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