​MedviewMD is committed to providing the best possible access to quality healthcare for Canadians. After considerable research, we have concluded the best way to reach out to people in need in a cost-effective manner is to place our ‘Medical Studios’ inside neighbourhood pharmacies--transforming these pharmacies into a 'centre of care' for the community.



This partnership of retail, medical and technological represents an inevitable direction for healthcare. Those first out the gate, those prepared to be early adopters in what has been described as a game-changing approach to modern medicine have the opportunity to build competitive advantage and increase foot traffic for their businesses.


More than that, as the pharmacy is perceived as a medical and technological hub for the neighbourhood, the pharmacy will become a place of healing and, ideally, wellness for the local community.  

Because of complementary services and neighbourhood locations, pharmacies equipped with telemedicine technology are ideally positioned to respond to a broad range of primary health needs of a changing society,


Telemedicine has yet to realize the smallest degree of its potential, it’s global reach is expanding exponentially and the opportunities for its implementation will only continue to grow.


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