At MedviewMD we are confident that patients will find our services and care to be of the highest level. We look forward to proving that our technology and approach is second to none in providing quality, accessible healthcare but don't take our word for it. Have a look at what our test patients had to say.   

Susan from Toronto, 

As a test patient, I was unsure of how this would all work. I was pleasantly surprised by the encounter and how involved I was with the technology, I could really see what was going on and seeing the doctor on the big screen was still as personal as if he was in the room with me. I will definitely be using the telemedicine clinics when they are up and running. 

Gary from Windsor, 

When my pharmacist offered me the chance to trial the new Telemedicine Clinic, I though wow this is really great. Having the nurse on site to guide you through the consult really makes it easy. Being able to hear my own heart beat on the electronic stethoscope was amazing. I think this is really the future of medicine.  

Jeff from Winsdor

It was pretty cool, all the gadgets are really good. Seeing the Doctor coming in on screen from Toronto was great. It was so quick and got me back to work in no time. No waiting around.   

Mavis from Windsor, 

As an older person, I was a little scared of all this technology, but the nurse helped me through it all and I ended up liking it.