MedviewMD believes that telemedicine represents a transformative paradigm best suited to meet the health needs of our changing society. New attitudes, behaviour and technology are redefining a medical system increasingly under siege. Nonetheless, consistent with traditional medical practices, MedviewMD at its core remains committed to a 'continuity of care' with the goal of contributing to the overall health of our citizens.

One of the criticisms often leveled at telemedicine is the threat of 'fragemented' or 'episodic' care, whereby a series of attending physicians treat the symptoms without ever getting at the root cause of an ailment. Without an overview of the patient's history and an appreciation of his or her behaviour, treatable situations are permitted to fester or go ignored entirely until a more costly and time-consuming round of treatment is required.

MedviewMD, aware of this situation, provides the option of 'flexible scheduling' of doctors, whereby a patient can request treatment and consultations with the same attending physician.

By locating our 'Medical Studios' within neighbourhoods, in local pharmacies, MedviewMD offers quick access and regular hours for primary healthcare. This is especially important for individuals with mobility issues, chronic sufferers or people requiring prescription renewals.

A collaborative team comprised of the attending nurse onsite, the virtual link to a doctor or nurse practitioner and the input of the host pharmacist allows for an exchange of information designed to help seek out the most approrpiate treatment.

Our 'patient-centered approach’ puts the individual--not the medicial establishment or technology--at the centre of the process. This approach has shown to increase levels of patient engagement in their own health care.* MedviewMD also seeks to enhance greater self-management, which contributes to preventative behaviour and ultimately an improved health status for patients.

The technological backbone of MedviewMD's 'continuity of care' is the Electronic Medical Records system, which provides instant access to a patient's history, regardless of the patient's or physician's location. These portable historical medical records are the foundation of all emerging healthcare systems--especially important in our increasingly mobile society. Strict protocols are maintained to ensure confidentiality.

*The Impact of Patient-Centered Care on Outcomes, Journal of Family Practice, Vol. 49, No. 9