Technology for Doctors: Telehealth chain expands rapidly across Canada 

"Winning model to provide medical care to orphan patients who don’t have a family doctor"

Canadian Healthcare Technology: Ontario-based MedviewMD opens teleclinics in BC 

With the addition of a MedviewMD ‘Medical Studio,’ pharmacies differentiate themselves as ‘centres of care’ 

The Vancouver Sun: The doctor is online, anytime — it's the freewheeling world of eHealth

"MedviewMD differs from typical video consultations because it takes place in a set location, adjacent to a pharmacy, and employs nurses..."

CFJC Midday - Kleo Dimopoulos talks about MedviewMD on daytime tv

"MedviewMD helps ease doctor shortage"

The Drive with Terry Moore: CFAX 1070 Victoria--interview with Dan Nead

"The world of technology and medicine are melding..." (07:00 - 29:30) 

Retail Pages: MedviewMD opens at Durham Drug Store (Page 5)

Min MacCharles: "an innovative community healthcare service..." 

Sudbury Star: New type of medical clinic opens in Sudbury

"Studio meant to augment the health care services already available in the community, not replace them"

Around & About: New Health Care Option in Espanola

"The future of practicing medicine in under-serviced areas is now available"

Merritt Herald: Getting a virtual checkup 

"...a solution to rural doctor shortages"

Retail Pages Pickering: MedviewMD 'Medical Studio' Now Open (page 6) 

"...upbeat and enthusiastic atmosphere for grand opening" 

Kamloops This Week: Teleclinics to open at some Kamloops pharmacies

"Health Minister Terry Lake sees the telemedicine model as part of the future of health care"

Snap'd Pickering: MedviewMD Grand Opening 

Working together for the future of family medicine 

CBC Radio: Two Kamloops pharmacies bring in virtual doctors

Local pharmacies will soon offer doctors over the computer 

Kelowna Info News: Two Kamloops pharmacies address city's doctor shortage

"It's a win-win for everybody"

Northern Ontario Medical Journal: The doctor will see you now...literally!

Telemedicine bridges gap between physician shortage and orphan patients 

►CTV Northern Ontario News: MedviewMD 'Patient Studio' opens in Sudbury

"We basically offer the services of a pharmacy and a physician family practice within one setting"

►CHEX-TV: Healthwatch--MedviewMD comes to Peterborough

The use of telemedicine is increasing in popularity

FRONT PAGE Peterborough Examiner: Walk-in telemedicine service 

Patient Studio opening at Sherbrooke Heights Pharmacy 

Sudbury Star: Telemedicine to improve access

Distance and location, those hurdles for many Northerners, won't matter at a new 'patient studio' 

►Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli speaking before the Ontario legislature 

"Recently I had the privilege to get a glimpse of the future of heathcare...." 

FRONTLINES: MedviewMD officially opens 'Patient Studio' at Hunter's Pharmacy

Mike Belisle doesn't shy away from being a game-changer

COVER STORY: Virtual Doctor: the future of medicine has come...

Telemedicine both complements and adds to existing medical services 

►The MediaPlex: Three minutes with Dan Nead...

St. Clair College Journalism student inteviews MedviewMD founder and CEO 

►CTV Northern Ontario News: North Bay official opening of MedviewMD 'Patient Studio'

"There's a new way of getting medical attention, but it's far from traditional..." 

MedviewMD 'Patient Studio' Grand Opening at Hunter's Pharmacy

New approach to primary healthcare illustrates entrepreneurial drive of local business owner 

North Bay Nugget: Doctors don't touch patients at clinic 

MedviewMD links patients with physicians hundreds of kilometers away