The enthusiastic community response to the announcement of two MedviewMD 'Medical Studios' in Kamloops BC has exceeded expectations. To date, no community has displayed this level of excitement and support so early on. The locations haven't yet opened their doors, but the feedback has been nothing short of amazing. Our host pharmacies, Kipp Mallery and Kleo's Pharmacies, have reported a steady stream of inquiries and phone calls. It's certainly an auspicious beginning for the first two MedviewMD locations in BC.

Yet, the ebullient mood surrounding the opening of the Kamloops MedviewMD 'Medical Studios' does underscore a common concern faced by many communities in this country: a chronic shortage of family doctors. The number of 'orphaned patients' continues to grow with an estimated 30,000 Kamloops residents lacking a primary care physician. Meanwhile, family doctors routinely carry an extra heavy load to meet needs of existing patients.

The goal of providing an accessible healthcare model to Canadians, one driven by the latest in telemedicine technology, remains at the core of the MedviewMD vision. Nothing is so confirming as the initial Kamloops response, as we work to build an alternative model designed to complement the existing healthcare system. 

For more about the doctor shortage in Kamloops, follow this link: and MedviewMD alleviating the situation:  Kelowna Info News: Two Kamloops pharmacies address city's doctor shortage





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